Monday, January 9, 2017

The Dark and Light

Happy New Year people! In honor of this "new year, new me" trend I decided to make a new goal. This year I decided to start it of with a larger goal then I had last year. My next goal of the up coming nine weeks is to read at least 5 books even though I will no longer be in English. I tend not to read unless I have too so this is something new for me. I am going to continue with reading 30 minutes a night on top of whatever I have to read for school and trying to finish at least 200 pages a week. Let's see if I can do it. :)

 I'm reading Heart of  Darkness by: Joseph Conrad. This book is a story within a story. It's about a man name Marlow who is telling the story of his voyage on the Congo river. He travels to the inner station to bring supplies to an ill but wise ivory trader (Kurtz) but his shipped was wrecked and he suspects the Manger to be the cause because the Manger fears Kurtz will take his job. This seems odd to me because how does the manger of a massive company be jealous of an ivory trader? Why would someone ever let another die to keep their own job?  Jealousy is found everywhere in everyone. It's okay to admit you get jealous, I know I get jealous of people sometimes. This is the darkness inside people that make them do things they wouldn't normally do. For example, the Manger in this book is so jealous of Kurtz wisdom he fears he'll lose his job to Kurtz. Now if the Manger wasn't jealous he wouldn't have wrecked Marlow's ship but that wasn't the case. Kurtz said earlier a wise man, he was worshiped by the native Congo people (who didn't want Marlow to take Kurtz away) and was admired by his disciple. Now is the light in people, admiration. This is like jealously except you don't feel insure about yourself but you inspire to be like the person you admire. Admiring someone shows your good of character. It shows that you're comfortable with yourself enough to appreciate others gifts.

If I'm being completely honest I didn't quite get this book because it didn't make sense. There were a couple of words on a page I had to take the time and look up because the paragraph didn't make sense without the definition. I took this book as a challenge nonetheless and it took awhile to finish because like I didn't understand it at some points. However, I am happy I finished it because it's the first book on the AP list I have finished on my own.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

How to get to you...

Hello my fellow paper people and yes I said paper people, beacuse in paper towns there live paper people. Which leads to what I am currently reading, Paper Towns by: John green. I am proud to say that this book as increased the time I spend reading because it's such an amazing book. My goals have always been to spend at lest 30 minutes reading a night everynight, however I've never get the chance to because I am always so lazy or prefer to do something else with my time. But this book has changed that, I read every chance I get to now and I'm happy about it.

(Spoiler alert)
Now moving on to the book itself Paper Towns is an amazing love story (based on what I have read so far), it's about Quinton, a guy, who is finding Margo, the girl, he has loved since they were little. Quinton and Margo haven't talk since they where kids so you can imagine how confused he was when Margo came through his window one night. They spent that night forfilling Margo's revenge plans, even if it meant breaking and entering, Quinton didn't care because he was with her. This got me to thinking... "how does a person have so much love for an other in order to break the law?", "Is revenge the best way to go about things?",  and the main question I had "What is the main meaning of Paper Towns?". Well in the book Margo descibes Orlando as a Paper Town. She says its all fake, the city, the people, every aspect. To Margo Orlando is just a place where people do things to rise to the top, even if it means doing things based on what others want you to do. So let me ask you a question. Do you live your life doing what you want? Or do you base your life based on what others want you to do? Because if you do, you're just another paper person in a paper town living your paper-thin life. Now I don't mean to offend anyone reading this I swear, I'm just saying your life should be based on what you make it. I know it's hard sometimes especially when you have parents like mine, but if you keep living life based on what others want your to do your getting no where. In the end it's your life, it's what you make it, it's your legacy.

Click here to listen to the song :)

This book reminds me of this song that I heard recenty called "Plans" by: Oh Wonder. It's about a person who is making plans on seeing the person they love. This also happened in Paper Towns when Quinton is trying to find Margo. Both the book and the song explain how true love can affect peoples actions. Think about it. If someone you truely love is somewhere out in the world and you could go find them, would you? Is that what true love does to someone, make them so oblivious to the world to where their only concern is that one person on their mind? Nonetheless both song and book appeal to the inner teenage girl whoses only wish in life is to be loved.

My opinion on this book is that it's amazing. It has adventure, romance, a mystery, all the things a great book has and I'm glad that I found the time to read it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's a Religion

I have spent the last two weeks reading this book, I Love, I Hate, I Miss, My Sister by: Amélie Sarn,now my reading goal has been the same since my last blog. The standard 30 minutes every night, 5 days a week, try to read 3 books during the nine weeks. Now keeping up with this goal has been hard like its always been but I've been getting a lot better then I was before. I've already fished one book and I'm started my second one today.

(Spoiler Alert)
Now about the book I just finished, I Love, I Hate, I Miss, My Sister by: Amélie Sarn, takes place in France where a small Algerian family lives in a poor apartment building. This family practices Islamic religion on a small scale, not wanting to wear traditional veils (which were illegal because their considered a religious symbol), until their eldest daughter Sohane decides she would like to. Muslim radicals have been a problem in their apartments, this leads to the murder of Sohane's younger sister, Djelila, who doesn't dress as conservative as the radicals would like her too. This book talks about a topic that most people fear to this day, especially after the 9/11 attacks on America lead by Muslim radicals. The book shines a light on how not all Muslims are terrorist as most people in the US like to believe, most of Muslims are peaceful if anything, take Sohane for an example, she is a normal girl living in France with her family. Her religion didn't effect anyone nor did she try to inforce it on others, she simply just lives her life. However, there are still thoses people who ignite the fear in people; it doesn't matter what religion because each has there group of extremest, they take it to far and hurt people. What is it that makes people feel like their thoughts are the right thoughts? What makes people think that they have the right to invade others rights? Theses are all questions that I have because this book brought it to my attention that this, extremest terrorizing others, has been an issue for a long time. Don't get me wrong, everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe. I'm a strong believer in letting people deside for them selfs. Just the the fact that there are people out there killing and dying because they don't agree makes me lose faith in humanity. Does it really matter that much? Is peoples seprate beliefs really going to cause a deadly war among the world? I can understand how people are so careful about what they post, who they talk to, even where their food comes from; now a days people can't trust others in fear of what would happen.

I absolutly love this book, even though it was mainly focused on the topic of Muslim religion in France it had other meanings to it. I could relate the Djelila (Sohanes sister) because she believed that she had the right to do whatever she thought was good for her. Even though I don't skip going church and she skips praying, she doesn't let others tell her how to dress, she doesn't let anyone get to her because she knows how she wants to run her life.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Abandoned or Saved?

Hey there my fellow creepers, I started this new book about a week ago called  The Lord of the Flies by: William Golding and it's been a confusing start. This book was assigned to my English 1 class and I probably should've started it a week before I actually did.... whoops :). Besides that I been struggling with my reading goal, what a surprise, I haven't gotten the chance to read a book of my choice every night, however when I do get the chance to read I read for over an hour. I decided to keep my reading goal the same, 30 minutes a night,125 pages a week, and  3 books at the end of the 9 weeks.

This book is about a group of boys who are stranded on an island during a war. The boys became stranded on this island because their planes crashed, now there could be a number of different reasons why a group of boys could be on planes, considering their in a war the most likely would be their parents shipped them off to be safe. This could leave them to feel abandoned by their parents considering the age of the boy. Although, I do believe that these boys (so far) are pretty intelligent group considering they already mimicked earlier civilizations that were made before. The main character Ralph finds a conch shell and immediately decides to blow it to find others on the island. As soon as all the boys of all ages gathered they elect a leader and put together a small group to scout the island for villages, other people, food sources, and to see if they were actually on an island. But just imagine, you're on an island surrounded by people you don't know, would you be able to take charge like that? Would you be able to stay calm or would you have a metal break down. I know I could never survive being on an island like that. But these boys, they knew how to hunt and find things they needed.

The Lord of the Flies by: William Golding in my opinion is kind of hard to understand and keep up with. However, this book helps me understand the feeling of being abandoned. Nothing much has happened in the book so far but for the sake of the boys I hope their parents sent them off to escape the war, because that I can relate too. Sending a loved one away for their own good, to protect them from the bad, I mean I would do anything to make sure those I love are safe and sound during terrible times. This books has some dialog to help understand the personalities of different characters, however, unlike the last book I read I couldn't relate to most of the things that were going on. But I look forward to finishing this book and discussing my thoughts in class.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

We're all A work in Progress

I, as of right now, am reading  A work in Progress by: Connor Franta. Now my goal for this book is to spend at least 30 minutes a night on it (which I haven't been doing but its never to late to start). I also want to read around 125 pages (not including WHAP pages) a week to further expand my vocabulary and intelligence. My book goal for this 9 weeks is to finish at least 3 books. This all is going to be difficult for my busy schedule but hey, it's a work in progress.

In his book Connor expresses his feelings, he expresses his life. The struggles of being judge on his job, his pay, his hobbies, this is just the start of it. But doesn't that already sound so familiar? Maybe because to most people it is, the thought of someone judging you just because your job, just because your doing something that you love, I mean that makes me self conscious just thinking about it. Why does it matter so much if your a doctor or a  Youtuber? People say "oh your job isn't hard" or " I could probably do that too" but in reality all jobs have their own special skill that the person doing the job needs to know. For example, Connor is a Youtuber, he is frequently asked if anyone can be a Youtuber and replies "Well, anyone can go on Youtube. There are about three hundred hours of video uploaded to the site every minute. But it's taken me four years, four hundred videos, and a lot of work and perseverance to get me here. It's not quite automatic success" (15). See, to the naked eye his job looks like all fun and games, it looks like a fun hobby, but in reality it takes more then a camera to gain income on making videos. This goes along with any job, all jobs require the right person. But regardless, a job is a job and making a healthy living, as most people do, is the only thing that matters. 

My opinion about this book so far (even though I'm only on page 31) is that it's very eye opening. I used to think that getting on line and posting a video on Youtube would be fairly easy but as I read this book I realized how much planning goes into being a Youtuber. It also has a some dialogue that tied in with the story telling POV from his life. Also including photos from is childhood helped paint the picture of his small town adventures he and his siblings had without having access to the technology we have now. In all, I'm looking forward to how his story continues and how it relates to people's (including mine) life, because I know we're all a work in progress.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reading Me

Hi I’m Lauren Nguyen, I'm a sophomore at Hebron High, and I don’t read much. It’s not because I don’t like it, I just don’t have enough time. My goal is to read 25-30 pages a day, everyday. This semester my goal is to read at least 8 books and look into more nonfiction books. Some of the books I would like to be reading this semester include: Lord of the Flies by: William Golding, Looking for Alaska by: John Green, and Paper Towns also by: John Green.